Our models are designed with painstaking care for detail (down to the last screw), in a way that they could easily be used in Poser without any help from textures. However, high quality texture maps are provided as well, in order to offer this finishing touch effect that so often makes the difference between a prop hastily put together and one that takes into consideration all quality parameters.

To design our weapons, as close to the real thing as possible, we used high quality photographs, blueprints and diagrams, sparing no time and effort to achieve a result set by our high standards. In spite of their minute detail and high resolution texture maps these weapons load and render fast in Poser.

You can see samples in different stages of work at the Products page, as well as the final, rendered product. Except for composition no post work retouching was made.
Some of the weapons’ names had to be altered to avoid trademark issues, but we are confident that the knowledgeable user would easily make out which is what. I know, this is an annoying practice, but one has to abide to the existing laws and regulations even if these are often unreasonable and exaggerated.

A final note to state that our weapons models are made to be used in 3d applications, such as Poser, and has never been our intention to provide illegal arms craftsmen with an aid to make their work easier.
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